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Luxury Sedan

We stock a wide range of tyres to suit luxury sedan vehicles. Contact us today >>>

Sedan tyres are what the average passenger vehicle is fitted with. These tyres will be a general purpose tyre manufactured to provide basic all-round performance in wet and dry conditions. The sizes these tyres are produced in will vary from 12 inches in diameter to 16 inches and will usually have a 60 to 80 series profile. Sedan tyres are constructed with a tall sidewall that provides a soft, comfortable ride. Air pressures for these tyres will be between 32psi and 38psi for the average vehicle. At these pressures the tall sidewall of the average sedan tyre is designed to "bag up" slightly, providing a good footprint on the road. Under inflating your tyres will increase the footprint of the tyre on the road but will provide little stability and control. Also, under inflating your tyres will lead to uneven wear on the tyres shoulders and reduce the life span of the tyres dramatically.

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